Rittenhouse, Philadelphia - Bathroom Remodel

BEFORE Bathroom remodel
After Bathroom Remodel

Entertaining in a bathroom never looked so good.  Probably a thought that never crossed your mind, but a space as unique as this can do just that.  The fusion of so many elements: an open concept shower, freestanding tub, washer/dryer organization, toilet room and urinal created an exciting spacial plan.  

Following the open concept shower, is the washer/dryer and storage closets which double as decor, incorporating mirror into their doors.

Bathroom remodel

Ultimately, the freestanding tub creates the first vantage point. This breathtaking view creates a calming effect and each angle pivoting off this point exceeds the next.

Bathroom Remodel

The double vanity stands in front of a textured wood plank tile laid horizontally establishing a modern backdrop.

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Lastly, a rustic barn door separates a toilet and a urinal, an uncharacteristic residential choice that pairs well with beer, wings, and hockey.