Design Narrative: For the clients that enjoy a slow Sunday morning, with coffee, the newspaper, and a plush robe, living next to a gothic Episcopal church became distracting as cheery eyed on-lookers interrupted otherwise peaceful surroundings.  While the residence overflowed with charm, the home’s central space for entertaining deeply lacked functionality, crying out for an expansion of the essential work triangle.  The new stained glass window offers privacy from the busyness of the patrons but feels native to the home and allows daylight to dance across the floor.   A rich variety of color and texture in the materials keep your eye entertained as you pass throughout the space.  The three step crown molding, pillowed hand glazed tile, and vibrant paint color are just three details that add layers of appreciation for the true craftsmanship that echoes the neighborhood. 



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Casual entertaining for an extended family.  Secure a more “open” feeling throughout the space.  Traditional and detail oriented client that appreciates many layers of design.


Low window in an exterior wall layered with schist stone and aged through the decades.  Window view looked directly into parking lot of the adjacent church.  Increased appliance sizes.  Updating an older space, maintaining its charm and architectural style.


Raising the height of the window allowed the sink to spread from the range.  Stained glass in the new window allowed privacy through highly textured glass but allowed light to pass and cast dramatic colors as the day goes by.  Relocating the refrigerator to the opposite side, increased the space available for the newer, larger range.  Removing the second tier of the island allowed the eye to travel continuously which greatly improved the eye’s interpretation of the kitchen. 

Special Features

As previously mentioned, the three layers of crown molding creates a dramatic finished detail.  The hand glazed backsplash panel was design specifically to coordinate with the stained glass panels.  The black travertine flooring and deep gray paint was used to ground the white custom cabinetry, while highlighting and drawing out the subtle glaze on the doors.  The exterior masonry work was antiqued to blend into the existing surface.  Handmade subway tile incorporated subtle but not distracting texture and continuity to the palette.