Adding Jewelry to Dress Up Your Kitchen


Adding Adornment To Your Cabinetry

Just as finishing your outfit can be achieved by the perfect jewelry, your space receives it’s finishing touch with the cabinetry hardware.  Here at Ferrarini, we like to refer to the hardware as the jewelry.  These days, between the crystal, the sparkle, the sheen of the metallics, it is easy to understand the comparison.  The right hardware can add the perfect blend of luxury to compliment your kitchen, in the same way that a perfect set of earrings adds just right amount of sparkle to your ensemble. The hardware is something you might quickly overlook, but once viewed as the jewelry of your kitchen they will become unforgettable.


One of the first things I ask a client to do once we get to the hardware stage of our material selection process is to feel the hardware, just as you would try on a fine piece of jewelry. It is so important that the handle is comfortable, as you are going to use it multiple times a day.  Handles are different sizes for two basic reasons: the size of the cabinet they will be used to open and the size of the person’s hands that will do the opening.  It’s important to be certain that your hands are able to comfortably access the space allotted by the projection of the handle itself. 

Knobs can be an exception, as you typically grab them in a different way.  This is something we seem to have a little more fun with.  Since we see them used more commonly on doors instead of drawers, we don’t need to worry about the functional aspect of how it’s held because there is not usually much weight resistance.  Try adding some crystal, you may be surprised by how it compliments your lighting or your stained glass window.  




As a great ensemble of Jewelry consists of different pieces, we often recommend a culmination of decorative handles and knobs throughout your space. As shown here in our recent Elkins Park renovation (pic to the right) we implemented knobs on the wall cabinets and handles on the base. The beauty of all fine jewelry is that "there are no rules". When it comes to the placement of knobs or pulls (besides the size of the cabinet) it’s really your personal preference. What feels better to you?  What satisfies your aesthetic appetite? If you really feel daring switch it up by using both knobs and handles on doors and drawers alike (see example here). For a more conservative approach simply base your choices on the size of the cabinet. Sometimes we accent smaller cabinets, such as the sink base (when using a farm sink) and the cabinet above the refrigerator with knobs, but use handles elsewhere in the kitchen.



As materiality goes, you can either compliment or contrast your door color.  In our Farmhouse Bath renovation, we complimented the warmth of the wood with beautiful and rustic bronze hardware.   While the color and style adds to the overall look of the vanity, it doesn't jump out at you.  It may take longer for you to notice the choice, allowing the viewer to appreciate other details first.

Our Multifunctional Oasis (shown left) is the perfect example of contrasting your cabinetry color with your hardware color.  The long polished chrome handles pop against the deep black vanity.  It’s fun for the hardware to stand out and attract attention, especially if used in combination with a simple door style. 

For our recent Center City Philadelphia renovation, we went for a sophisticated monochromatic look, a nice relationship between a brushed bronze finish and the warmth of the creamy colored cabinet.  The metallic finish adds sheen and visual interest. It’s subtle, yet special and I can’t wait to show you once the pictures are in!  Subscribe to the blog and we’ll update you... 

In the meantime remember, the hardware is the jewelry... Don’t be afraid to make a statement

About the Author: Jenine Portra is an Interior Designer at Ferrarini Kitchens. Baths. Interiors. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Drexel University in Philadelphia.  Her side passions include painting, traveling, and cake decorating.