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Matt Ferrarini, NKBA's 30 Under 30 Award-Winner & 2016 Chrysalis Award-Winning Designer embarked on a journey to answer a simple question: How can we create beautiful kitchens for less?  After spending sometime brainstorming the answer emerged: offer extraordinary yet affordable designs, high-quality products at fair prices, and direct installation from the install team (eliminating the middle-man).  This smarter process will easily save you 20-30% on your kitchen remodel.


     Affordable Designs

Our Award-Winning design team will create your kitchen design. No limit to revisions! We will work on your plan until you absolutely LOVE IT!

Fair-priced Materials

Our Award-Winning design team will help you select all your kitchen materials. We offer Pennsylvania Made Cabinetry for 20-30% Less. 

  Installs at direct-cost

Work directly with one of our preferred kitchen installers - save time, stress, and money OR select the contractor of your choice. 


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mandela..


At Ferrarini our entire team is embodied in a culture of innovation/experimentation &  modernization. We take the time to study, explore, and invent as needed to help our clients accomplish a real dream space. We believe every client should feel that their home is wonderfully and distinctively theirs.  

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"Knowledge independent of passion = mediocrity" -Matthew Ferrarini..


Our greatest strength is our passion. We unequivocally immerse ourselves in each and every project we take on. Every detail is carefully considered and thoughtfully implemented. Every home we transform, inadvertent of size or grandeur, we are committed to create a life-improving-change that results in optimal functionality and unequivocal beauty.


"Design is a process - an intimate collaboration..." - Henry Dreyfuss..


We offer a seamless design process from concept to final construction. Our specialty is space planning for kitchens and bathrooms. Our process is inclusive yet flexible - giving clients the ability to utilize all of our services/resources or simply hire us to create a one-of-a-kind design.  


"Clarity is a pillar of confidence." -Jenine Portra..


We understand some people have a hard time envisioning what their space can actually become. To give you the clarity you need to make the best decisions for your project, we are among the few that offer true "photo-realistic" renderings. 


"Before we measure the kitchen, we measure the adjacent rooms.." - Donna Ferrarini..


 This approach to design often leaves clients both puzzled & intrigued. Although you may hire us just for a kitchen design, the adjacent rooms play an integral part. The flow and relationship of the spaces give us the insight we need to design intelligently & cohesively. 


"They are adamant they want you to love it ." - Marne (homeowner)


They listened to our wishes and made recommendations that we would never have thought of without the benefit of professionals. They are adamant that they want you to love it! We do, and we recommend them without reservation.


"Helping clients spend less & live more." - Matthew Ferrarini..


In today’s modern world - we understand homeowners are changing their buying habits - seeking more autonomy during the buying process, and looking for smart ways to maximize their value. We see the change, and we are happy to facilitate. Our primary service offering is affordable design, but in addition to design, we provide our clients with cost saving product resources, and counter-tops & cabinetry significantly discounted. 


"Create your happy space!" - Matthew Ferrarini..


The thought of taking on a new renovation project can feel daunting. Understandably so, a home renovation is a multi-faceted endeavor that most people don't perfect on their 1st, 2nd, or 5th go around. But fear not - the art & science of renovation is a skill I have spent the past 10 years (over 20,000 hours) continually mastering & cultivating. As a certified construction manager, NKBA & Chrysalis award-winning designer, & kitchen and bathroom product expert - it's safe to say you're covered. 


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